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Brands we use at NewMe Spa
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Be Liberated. Choose Clean.
We exist for one purpose. To liberate you from the choice between "results or experience".  There are so many skincare brands to choose from. But they either seem to offer you a nice pampering experience with no results, or a promise of results but with underwhelming packaging, textures and fragrances. Similarly, you traditionally have to choose between 'clean' skincare and results. If you want to avoid all the 'chemicals' that people are concerned with, then you have to go ultra-natural and forego the results we know you want
With Medik8, you don't need to choose because you can have both.

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Vagheggi's original objective was to team the tradition of natural cosmetics with cutting-edge technologies in the creation of guaranteed high-performance formulas. Starting with scrupulous selection of ingredients that are chosen according to their geographic origin, concentration of active ingredients, seasonality and harvesting methods. In our cosmetics you will find lavender from Upper Provence harvested in June, citrus fruits from Sicily picked in January, cold-pressed oils, organically grown althaea officinalis, golden chamomile, resin crystals, amethyst, rice bran, black quinoa and lots of other ingredients, all natural, all effective. This pursuit of excellence is followed by application of innovative formula technologies that multiply the potential of the active principles already present in nature to give visible, long-lasting results.

Beyond the limits of linear business thinking, Libation's beauty is the deep action and integrity of Nature. 

The bounty of nature's beauty endlessly illuminates our entire insides, and the nectar of plants is an ever-offering gift that magnifies Beauty. Libations plays with the possible ways nature may be inhaled, stirred, soothed, and imbued.

Every Libations creation presents itself to reignite one’s being. 

Our Libations proclaim, "Let light pour through the door of every parched and perked pore. Engage with the pure plant poetry that sparks your cellular effervescence."

Revivified, our cells dance diamonds on a sunlit lake.

The difference between young and old skin is vitamin A levels. South African plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernadnes, a world leader in vitamin A research, has created the first step-up cosmetic system for the gradual introduction of vitamin A. everyday routine. Environ daily care and cabin products are fully specialised to give excellent results in anti-aging, regeneration, whitening and preservation of youthful skin. They are based on a fat-soluble, photoprotective form of vitamin A which is framed by antioxidants and peptides for safe and effective care 365 days a year!

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