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Body Treatments

SOTHYs Oriental Body Treatment
An exceptional spa treatment inspired by ancestral oriental rites. An enzymatic gel prepares the body for exfoliation, then with the exclusive SOTHYs modeling terracotta stone the whole body is being exfoliated, inspired by  traditional oriental techniques. 
€80 / 90 minutes
Triple Action Therapy
A body treatment that helps against localized fat, cellulite & skin elasticity. It combines the hot - cold alternation with a cocktail of liposoluble ingredients and non - stop action technology.
€60 / 60 minutes

Detox Body Treatment
A body detox treatment that focuses from the waist down which helps with skin elasticity and cellulite, illuminating toxins from your body with specific products.

€55 / 50' 

Full Body Exfoliation
A full body exfoliation that removes dead skins cell, providing several benefits such as allowing your skin to absorb the moisturizer better and helps with cell renewal, unclogs pores and prevents ingrown hairs.
€45 / 45 minutes

Maderotherapy Treatment
A holistic technique that is able to stimulate and balance energy, reduce stress levels and relieve muscle pain. It also, eliminates toxins, sculpts the body, reduces localized fat deposits, fights off cellulite imperfections, and ensures plumber and firmer tissues.
€50 / 45 - 60 minutes

*Signature packages available *

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