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Wake up to deeply hydrated skin with H.E.O. Mask, a two-step overnight mask that takes a pioneering yet fundamentally scientific approach to long lasting moisturisation.


Built on the three principal moisturising strategies: humectants (H), emollients (E) and occlusives (O) are combined in an optimised ratio developed in the Medik8 lab; working in harmony while you sleep to leave the complexion supple, smooth and intensely nourished.


Step one: the cooling blue gel instantly replenishes skin with moisture; employs multi-weight hyaluronic acid, glycerin, natural moisturising factors (NMF) and other proven humectants to draw in water molecules into the upper skin layers. Step two: a rich velvety cream that secures this moisture and improves skin's natural ability to retain water; infused with high levels of emollients like squalane and ceramides to feed the natural skin barrier alongside dimethicone, a well proven occlusive, which forms a protective layer on the surface to limit transepidermal water loss (TEWL). 


H.E.O. Mask is Medik8’s answer to dehydrated and persistently dry skin; providing long lasting hydration to all complexions.

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